Materials and Care


We use only Gold-filled chains which are allergy free.

Gold-Filling involves Solid Gold bonding to a brass base. The karat of the gold used is 14K and 18K. Essentially it is an affordable alternative to Solid Gold and behaves exactly like it. With correct love and care, Gold-Filled should last as long as, or close to Pure Gold.

Our pendants, rings, and earrings are gold plated in 22k. Gold.
All our patinas are made detailed by hand to give each piece that one-of-a-kind-weathered metal appearance. We love the oxidized tone that looks like it came from the ocean.
We use freshwater pearls and opals, natural shells, and quartz. The shells and quartz are gold-dipped in 24k. Gold


It's best to keep your pieces away from harsh chemicals, chlorines, and perfumes, as this will weather your jewelry. Depending on the frequency of wear, the filling may tarnish over time.

To keep your pieces shiny and clean, gently wipe them with a soft cloth every so often. If your chain becomes weathered, wash it with neutral soap and warm water.

Gold plated can wear out over time, but do not worry! You can always gold plated them again (Mina de Mar does not offer this service. However, you can find it at any jewelry store near your location).

A tip is also to hang necklaces when not wearing, to avoid tangling, and store any other piece in a small box or pouch to prevent damage from natural sunlight and excess heat.

If your piece is a blue patina, keep it away from water or cleaning product, since this patina can fade until it loses its bluish effect.

We want you to love and wear your piece! We recommend that you treat each piece with care as even the highest quality materials can snap or break if handled aggressively. Extreme bending, force, or rough handling is not a manufacturing fault, and Mina de Mar Jewelry will not be responsible for replacing mishandled products.